58 Partriarchou Ioakim
Athens 10676

Tel :+30 2130 28 11 21
Mob: +30 6945 44 88 85

E-Mail: info@hydramare.com



 Knowledge of Our Market 

Experienced local presence combined with the strong network affiliate base are vital  to the successful exploitation of opportunities presented. All available properties are processed through our system and filed in our database.



30 years of extensive knowledge and experience of the market in Greece has enabled  to create a team that is effective, knowledgeable and can navigate through the various stages of  bureaucracy, legal, tax issues & investment.


 Processes & People Skills 

Due to the large number of successful acquisitions and transactions the internal protocol and processes we follow have been refined and supplemented with a team structure and skills that leave almost no margins for error.


 Track Record 

Proven track record, not only by the portfolio that it has acquired but by the high returns on investment it has achieved on its land acquisitions, developments and past transactions.



With over 24 years of experience, we have successfully sourced, negotiated, structured and executed over 4,000 real estate transactions, including large pieces of land in prime locations.

We primarily focus and specialize in the acquisition of large estates, often owned by many individuals, and have consistently been able to coordinate all parties involved in order to purchase the site at significant below market valuations.

We have a proven track record of achieving high returns on investments through our unsurpassed knowledge of the local market as well as a dedicated management team’s extensive experience.

Investments have achieved remarkable returns even in today’s market and continuously  seeking new investment opportunities specially on secondary housing developments.

Today our asset portfolio comprises of projects in in various locations (Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Ios, Skyros, Milos, Poros, etc...)

Hydra Mare is one of the project which we are currently developing in Greece, our other on going  projects are “Milos Afrodite Resort & Spa S.A.” on the island of Milos (346.000m2), “My Mylopotas Luxury Villas”: on the island of Ios (45.000m2 & 476.000m2), “Apollo Capital Ilia Mare S.A.” in the Peloponese, near Pyrgos.